Outpatient treatment provides assessment, evaluation, education and counseling for adults with alcohol and other chemical dependency problems.
outpatient services sonoma
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Outpatient Services

We offer outpatient services for all ages. Click the links below to learn more.


Outpatient Treatment for Adults
Manager: Melody Maguire
Phone: (707) 544-3295

Outpatient treatment provides assessment, evaluation, education and counseling for adults with alcohol and other chemical dependency problems. Designed to support individuals and families in achieving a life free from mind-altering substances, Outpatient Treatment provides individual, family, and group counseling. The length of treatment is based on an individual’s needs and completion of individualized treatment goals. Six months of aftercare support group is available at no cost to Center Point DAAC graduates.

Educational and group counseling settings engage participants in trauma informed care and cover topics such as addiction and the brain, relapse prevention, alcohol and other drug education, anger management, stress reduction, self-destructive behaviors, coping skills, improved communication, and relationship issues. Family members are encouraged to participate in treatment whenever possible. Bilingual/bicultural Spanish services available.

Hours: Monday – Thursday 9:00am – 7:00pm, Friday 9:00am-5:00pm CLOSED Saturday and Sunday.

Random Urinalysis Testing can be provided for youth and adults to screen for alcohol use, as well as use of other substances, and Services are confidential. Testing is based on a client’s treatment needs and are monitored by an assigned counselor. Written test results are available within 2-5 days of the test.

Contact us to schedule testing (707) 544-3295

Drug Court

(707) 566-0170, press 1

Drug Court is a collaborative effort of the Sonoma County Department of Health Services, Sonoma County Courts and Center Point DAAC. The program serves adult clients charged with non-violent misdemeanors or felonies related to drug abuse.

Outpatient services for prgnant women from Center Point DAAC

First Steps Intensive Outpatient Program

(707) 566-0170, press 2

The First Steps Perinatal Program offers intensive outpatient services for pregnant and parenting women who have alcohol or other drug problems. A safe and nurturing environment supports a woman’s recovery with individual and group counseling sessions. Transportation is provided to and from treatment with co-op childcare. You will be provided a nutritious snack and sessions covering topics centered around pregnancy and parenting. These topics include denial management, relapse prevention, coping skills, nutritional education, life skills, and developmental screening for participating children. Clients attend sessions daily Monday – Friday for an average length of 9-12 months.

Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm

We are here to help

We recognize that not everyone is an addict, and we offer programs and services for youth, adults and families designed to meet each individual’s unique circumstances.


If you, or someone you love, has an alcohol or other drug problem, the Drug Abuse Alternatives Center (DAAC) can help.

Call toll-free (877) 888-DAAC (3222) or (707) 544-3295 for more information.