About Center Point DAAC
Center Point DAAC's mission is to provide comprehensive social, educational, vocational, medical, psychological, housing and rehabilitation services to combat social problems such as substance abuse, poverty, unemployment and homelessness.
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About Center Point DAAC

Center Point DAAC’s mission is to provide comprehensive social, educational, vocational, medical, psychological, housing and rehabilitation services to combat social problems such as substance abuse, poverty, unemployment and homelessness.


Center Point DAAC offers rehabilitation and treatment services that interrupt the abusive cycles of psychological, social and economic dislocation by providing critical training and support so that individuals and families can claim self-worth and dignity.


CP DAAC is involved in a various community based functions i.e., Pride Day, Cinco De Mayo, Recovery Happens where we have our Health Services WOW Van and staff there to provide for HIV & Hep C testing and education. In addition, upon request, we offer overdose prevention education and provide Narcan to these organizations. In many of our programs we educate our participants on the importance of having a social life with the recovering community, offering information on the various self-help organizations in the community. In our residential program, we offer volleyball, basketball, and “fun in recovery” nights to teach our participants how to have fun in recovery. We play bingo, have talent shows, and offer Karaoke nights, game night, and we play charades. We encourage our participants to have fun in recovery and to participant in these various activities. It builds self-confidence, rapport with their peers and is a way to teach our participants that recovery is fun. We encourage our participants to enjoy recovery and become part of a community that celebrates recovery.


We offer assistance to anyone who would like to pursue their high school diploma or a college degree. We have partnerships with 5 Keys who offer GED support and assistance in applying for college courses. In addition, Center Point, Inc. offers scholarships to alumni to assist them in pursuing their educational goals.


CP DAAC works in partnership with Job Link who offers vocational training, links job seekers to resources like Vocational Rehabilitation so they can reach their vocational goals. If a participant is enrolled in our program, we transport participants to Job Link for vocational workshops, job training and job search activities to support participants in finding suitable employment.


CP DAAC is rated as “Dual Diagnosis Capable” by the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs. We offer a specialized treatment track for people with secondary mental health problems, in addition to their primary Substance Use Disorder. A Master’s level therapist leads special Co-Occurring Disorder groups and provides individual counseling. Clients on psychotropic medications are monitored by the program staff to ensure medications are taken as prescribed. In addition, our Master’s level therapist focuses on how to recognize symptoms of depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders and provides tools and coping strategies to assist participants in their recovery process and to manage their mental health issues. In addition, we refer all participants of our programs to ongoing medical care if they do not have a primary care provider. CP DAAC believes that treating the whole person physically, emotionally and spiritually helps our participants to maintain long term sobriety.


We believe that in order for someone to remain clean and sober, they must have a safe place to live upon completion of residential treatment. We offer transitional housing for those who are homeless and are in need of supportive housing. We have a beautiful homes located in Rohnert Park that is close to public transportation and shopping. Our rents are comparable to other local transitional housing programs. Please inquire about these services by contacting our Housing Coordinator at (707) 544-3295.

Leadership & Staff

Susan Hertel

Regional Director, Sonoma County Services

Melody Maguire

Outpatient Services Manager

Donna Sutton

Program Manager, Withdrawal Management

Gabriella Anconetani

Program Director, MAT Services

Joseph Michel

Program Manager, Turning Point Residential Treatment Program

Center Point DAAC Board of Directors

Sushma Taylor, PhD, MFT


Marc Hering


Laura Lambe


Thaine Taylor


Chris Geiger


Richard Jimenez, MA


Maurice Lee